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Millennials: No Evangelism. Universalism Refuted. Pelosi Pushes Sun-Worship. “Pope World’s Best Leader”


1. Satan deceiveth the whole world. Read Rev.12:9,12; 1 John 2:15-17. One of Satan’s primary agencies to deceive the world is the Papacy. All the world wonders after Popery. Rev.13:3. 0:01 - 5:26

2. Video: Gallup rates Pope Francis as the world's best leader amidst his handling of the sex-abuse crises. 5:27 - 8:08

3. Video: Nancy Pelosi misquotes Bible due to her Catholic Leader, in order to support Sun-Worship. “To minister to the needs of God's creation is an act of worship.” 8:09 - 16:14

4. Evangelism: An Open Letter to Pope Francis: Million Dollar Sabbath Challenge. 16:15 - 17:19

5. Testimony: Meeting and studying with an Universalist. Define Universalism. Show Scriptures that Universalists use to justify their position. Universalism makes God a Liar. Satan is the originator of Universalism. To many Universalists, Satan is abstract, Bible is fiction. 17:18 - 46:58

6. The founders of Universalism in the United States. 46:59 - 48:07

7. Greek Philosophers taught Universalism. 48:08 - 49:42

8. Origen of Alexandria, one of the Church Fathers, is called the Father of Universalism. Plato’s writings influenced Origen and Augustine. Augustine, one of the Church Fathers, taught an Eternal Hell. 49:43 - 58:36

9. The errors from Greek Philosophers, Origen and Augustine lay at the foundation of the Roman Catholic Church. 58:37 - 1:00:38

10. The false doctrines from the Greek Philosophers and the Roman Catholic Church lead to the other false teachings of Universalism; from one extreme they go to another. The understanding and the preaching of God’s character will destroy Universalism. 1:00:39 - 1:06:56

11. God raised up William Miller and the Millerite Adventists to preach Daniel 8:14 and Revelation 14:6-12, which converted Infidels, Deists, and Universalists. 1:06:57 - 1:13:44

12. Here are Bible scriptures that overthrow Universalism and confirm that there is a condition that we must meet in order to be justified, sanctified and saved in God’s kingdom. 1:13:45 - 1:25:50

13. Satan’s plan is to sweep the whole world into Spiritualism by leading Papists, Protestants and Worldlings to adhere to the false teachings of Universalism. 1:25:51 - 1:27:51

14. News: About half of Millennial Christians think it's wrong to evangelize, Barna finds. That is the same sentiments of Pope Francis. Millennial Christians believe in Relativism and Pluralism. Pope meets Islam leader and signs document that promotes Pluralism, saying “The pluralism and the diversity of religions is willed by God.” 1:27:52 - 1:30:35

15. Some SDAs promote Universalism. The seven last plagues will enrage Universalist Ministers and the people who followed them and believed Universalism. Here are Bible scriptures that overthrow Universalism and confirm that there is a condition that we must meet in order to be saved in God’s kingdom. 1:30:35 - 1:40:06

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Evening Sermon by Andrew Henriques for Saved to Serve International. Preached: February 9, 2018


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