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Zombie Deer. Charismatics Subvert Sabbath, Test SDAs. Signs, Miracles v Sabbath, Righteousness by Faith



2. A sign of the last days. False Prophets working wonders and miracles. Modern-day Mount Carmel. Where is the spirit and power of Elijah? Video: This event, called The Send, will take place Feb. 23 at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. It will be an outbreak of signs and wonders and miracles. 4:57 - 12:26

3. Jesus worked miracles, the apostles worked miracles, the gift of miracles is placed in God’s church. Working of miracles is not a principal sign that a person or group is sent by God. 12:27 - 24:03

4. Herod rejected Jesus because Jesus did no work any miracles for him. The nobleman based the condition of accepting Jesus as the promised Messiah on His working of signs and wonders. 24:04 - 26:50

5. Many will depart from faith and give heed to seducing spirits in these last days. Satan will use wonders and miracles in order to seduce. The doctrine of devils is found in 1 Timothy 4:1; Mark 13:22 and Genesis 3:4. Video: At the foundation of The Send and Charismatic/Pentecostal movement is spiritualism. News: Jesus was a 'sorcerer,' Bible a 'book of magic,' say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention.” The sorcerers say that the Pentecostal church led them to witchcraft. 26:51 - 45:00

6. Satan leads people to believe that the primary sign that they are God’s people is the working of miracles. Read The Great Controversy, 588.3. Pope Francis affirms the Charismatic Movement. 45:01 - 48:04

7. Bible Scriptures given to prove that the keeping of God’s commandments, the honoring of God’s seventh-day Sabbath, is the True Sign of God’s people. 48:05 - 53:55

8. The sealing of God’s people began between 1844 and 1847. Satan raised up modern-day spiritualism to counteract God’s seal and God’s sealing message. Consider the Fox Sisters. The Charismatic Movement is upend and to subvert God’s seal and the sealing of the Saints. Some of these agents of Satan were affecting the bodies of some of the saints. 53:56 - 1:02:40

9. The showdown between Moses, Aaron and Pharaoh’s magicians will be repeated in the last days. Both groups worked miracles. The finger God (Exodus 8:17-20 and Exodus 31:16-18) made the distinction in the third plague. 1:02:41 - 1:14:57

10. The Charismatic Movement will lead to the forming and the speaking of the Image of the Beast with persecution for God’s people. “Satan will make people sick, and then will suddenly remove from them his satanic power. They will then be regarded as healed. These works of apparent healing will bring Seventh-day Adventists to the test.” EW 55: Two groups pray. One prays to the Holy Place; the other prays to the Most Holy Place. Two different experiences. Some who were in the Most Holy Place left Jesus and Satan breathes upon them an unholy influence. 1:14:58 - 1:28:48

11. The True Sign that we are God’s people is the observance of the seventh-day Sabbath. The true sign that we are God’s people is also the reception and the experience of Righteousness by faith. This will break the power of Satan. 1:28:49 - 1:43:16

Sabbath Sermon by Andrew Henriques for Saved to Serve International. Preached: February 23, 2018


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