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Greta, Students Globally Strike 4 Pope’s Climate Agenda. Judgment of Living & Dead. Beer-Brewing Church


1. Eighty-six tons of Boston Market Frozen Meals Recalled over Complaints of Glass and Plastic. Beer-brewing & Beer-serving Church is the latest Church Trend. 0:01 - 3:52

2. Present-truth, the certainty of the Truth, is what the flock needs now. The crux of the everlasting gospel is that the hour of His judgment is come. Prove that the Investigative Judgment begins in the Most Holy Place of the Heavenly Sanctuary. 3:53 - 15:06

3. Both Peter and Paul preached that Jesus will judge the Quick (the Living) and the Dead. 15:07 - 24:50

4. There are three primary phases of the Judgment. Jesus began the Investigative and Verdict phases of the Judgment on October 22, 1844 for the Dead that professed His name. Abel’s name was the first to be accepted. Other names are accepted, while others are rejected. 24:51 - 44:10

5. Confirming that at the Mark of the Beast crisis, Jesus pronounces a verdict (judgment) upon the cases of the Quick or the Living. 44:11 - 59:00

6. Confirming that at the Sunday Law crisis, Seventh-day Adventists are tested first before the world/Babylon. This is the second phase of the Judgment. A verdict/decision is placed beside the names of every SDA as he/she makes his/her decision. Proving that we must Get Ready & Stay Ready before the Sunday Law. 59:01 - 1:15:58

7. Confirming that at the Sunday Law Jesus prepares to accept and seal His commandment-keeping people. However, Satan rails against Jesus saying that He is unjust to save sinners. Proving that Zechariah 3 and Luke 18 point to the Judgment of the Living or God’s verdict being pronounced upon the Living Saints. In light of all these, Jesus is being judged and we must surrender and have faith conflated with works. 1:15:59 - 1:24:43

8. Videos: Students Globally Strike For Pope’s Climate Agenda. This is fulfilling Isaiah 3:1,4,5,9,12,13 (Isaiah 4:1-6). Confirming that Ellen White prophesied that these incidents would occur: Sunday Law to combat Climate Change; As Jesus Christ used children to preach the word of prophecy before the crisis at the cross, so Satan and the anti-christ power uses children to promote the Sunday Law agenda; Strikes are common; Trade and Labor Unions are sympathetic to the Global Student Strike for Climate Change; It is time for Country Living & Aggressive Evangelism. 1:24:44 - 1:47:57

9. Video: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says it is 'legitimate' for young people to ask if they should have children because of the threat of climate change.” 1:47:58 - 1:52:39


Sabbath Sermon by Andrew Henriques for Saved to Serve International. Preached: March 2, 2019


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